School Tours - Frequently Asked Questions


How does the tour work?

Our typical elementary school tour (~50 kids) schedule looks something like this:

10:00am - Arrival at Haggard Park

10:30am -  1st half of students begin their tour

11:30am - All students in Haggard Park with teachers for lunch

12:30pm - 2nd half of students begin their tour

1:30pm - Back to school!

Private School groups fewer than 50 kids are welcome to schedule their tour at any time between 10:00am and 2:00pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays.

How do we get there?

Most schools must arrange for their own transportation through their school district's transportation department. The Interurban Railway Museum is also within walking distance of the DART Downtown Plano Station and a DART Bus Stop. 

Plano ISD Title I schools receive free transportation through our Title I Program.

Do you have bathrooms for the kids?

Yes! We have two, single-occupant family bathrooms that will be available for the duration of your visit, including your lunch hour.

That reminds me, where can we eat lunch?

The Interurban Railway Museum does not have a cafeteria. We are, however, located in beautiful Haggard Park which provides a covered gazebo, picnic tables, and a fantastic playground. Most of our school tours enjoy sack lunches at Haggard Park.

How many chaperones should we bring?

When you arrive at the museum we'll split your group into 4 smaller groups. This allows us to teach 4 different stations and rotate the groups through the museum. We require at least one adult chaperone with each group, meaning you must have a minimum of 4 chaperones.

What if we need special accommodations?

It depends on what you need! We will try to work with you to provide Spanish language translation, special needs instruction, or handicap access to certain areas of the museum. 

Please notify the School Program Manager of any necessary or preferred accommodations during your booking process.